Cinnamon Tea Cake

jazzryn, Dec 23, 9:39am
Does any one have a recipe for a cinnamon tea cake, had a piece of it a couple of days ago and loved it. Had never heard of it but would love a recipe so can bake one.

cookessentials, Dec 23, 7:31pm
Yes, I one of my cook books. It is one I have made many years ago now, but it was very nice.

sarahj1, Dec 23, 7:46pm

ilxpwhre, Jul 14, 10:50pm
I know this feeling of lavieng something while out and about and then coming home wishing you had put it in your cart afterall. I must admit that with being married to a sweet tooth, we are never without in our house. He goes through the grocery store telling me that there is a little boy that throws all that junk in our Only thing is that little boy comes home with me too. :-)Hugs ~Heidi

jaorjyufv, Jul 15, 9:52pm
Shoot, who would have thhugot that it was that easy?

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