Veggie Pattie Recipe Please :)

seez1, Dec 21, 6:28am
For Burgers, (though a little fussy - not with tofu or lentils). I did read somewhere of one using rolled oats! Thanks heaps :-0

ant_sonja, Dec 21, 6:39am
You can make simple fritters by grating the vegies of your choice (carrot/onion/courgette/potato-
.etc) fresh herbs added are nice too. season well with salt & pepper and bind with egg and a little flour so the mix looks kind of like a batter. Fry in hot oil until golden and crisp.

seez1, Dec 21, 7:31am
Thanks heaps - they look good - you think I could freeze them!

margyr, Dec 21, 7:49am
mush up chick peas and add veges of your choice, then make like patties and fry, a little cheese in them is nice as well.

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