Chicken nibbles in a slow cooker

darkestangel1, Dec 20, 6:23am
Someone has told one that you can cook them in the slow cooker / crockpot - has anyone ever tried this - and any tips or suggestions would be good - appreciated!

zorrodog, Dec 20, 6:56am
Why would you want to.They cook so quickly,no matter what method you use.Also you would miss out on a crispy skin.

buzzy110, Dec 20, 7:06am

pickles7, Dec 20, 7:10am
the best bits of a chicken, roasted. I thaw them in a marinade, roast untill brown and sticky.

fifie, Dec 20, 7:40pm
You can cook then in S/cooker but i would think you wouldn't be left with a lot to nibble on. They don't take long in the oven, mix up some soy sauce, crushed garlic,honey,S/P marinate them for a while in this then just bake in the oven, turning to coat in the sauce as they cook. nice flavoured nibbles with a crispy skin, in a sticky goooy sauce.

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