Advice on using glass jelly mould

tommydog, Dec 20, 1:19am
I would like to make my own fruit jelly for xmas day and have a lovely old glass jelly mould has anyone had any experience using these and how many gelatine sheets do you think I will need and what is the best way to gurantee it will come out looking ok.Thanks.

indy95, Dec 20, 3:09am
Firstly, tommydog, the number of gelatine sheets needed will depend on the size of the mould and how much liquid it will hold. If you could let us know that would be helpful.

floralsun, Dec 20, 11:31am
The gelatine packet will show the amount of leaves needed for 'x' amount of liquid. Don't grease the mould, rinse it quickly with cold water and shake upside down to get most of the water out before immediately pouring the jelly mix in. Cool and refrigerate to set. To turn out, place the bowl right side up into some warm water for a few seconds, then turn upside down onto a plate. Repeat with the warm water if needed.

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