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lyl_guy, Mar 29, 11:59pm
Just an unofficial poll, leading on from another thread... I'm wondering how many people here actually follow the NZ Ministry of Health healthy eating guidelines, to the letter?

http://www.healthed. govt.nz/uploads/docs/HE1518. pdf

Disclaimer: There'll be no judgements made about your diet, and no correspondence will be looked into, LOL!
Just an honest-to-goodness answer, if you Please? ?

maxwell.inc, Mar 30, 12:11am

except for the "keep active" part ;o)

vintagekitty, Mar 30, 12:15am
Not to the letter, but we eat loads of fruit, veg, less meat, pasta, and carbs. But I dont obsess over it. The kids snack on chips, sweets and "treat food". I bake every couple of weeks. We have takeaways now again, Macca's, Pizza, middle eastern, Fish and chips. We drink alcohol a couple or three times a week, usually a couple of beers, or a couple of glasses of wine. We all play sport or go to the gym, the kids all surf. We are active and prob a normal kiwi family.

lyl_guy, Mar 30, 12:47am
Thank you! So that's 3 x "no"... including me, so far.

buzzy110, Mar 30, 12:56am
Not quite lyl_guy. This poster, apart from the fruit and vegetables, appears to be following the guidelines quite closely. Some of the numbers are different but well within the guidelines.

lyl_guy, Mar 30, 1:10am
Was that a No buzzy?

bedazzledjewels, Mar 30, 1:19am
No here as well - not even the keeping active bit! Lol!

Makes you wonder why they even bother. We do our own thing anyway.

accroul, Mar 30, 1:22am
A BIG fat 'NO' from me foodwise.

mismuffet, Mar 30, 3:16am
I'd have to say yes, but not because I feel completely committed, my DH, aged 43 had 3 heart attacks last year so he's had to move from couch potato to "committed to life" oh yes it's a struggle! ! The only part I have control of is the food, so while I hope he's doing his part, I'm doing mine ... I really miss chocolate

marielize1, Mar 30, 3:19am
No, because I think they are DEAD wrong

buzzy110, Mar 30, 3:21am
Not here. Way too much grain and starch, not enough protein or saturated fat and 5 servings of fruit and vegetables a day is a joke especially if one of those vegetables is a starchy root vegetable and 1 serving is a piece of fruit. I eat almost 5 servings of leafy vegetables for lunch, let alone dinner. I couldn't drink 2 glasses of alcohol a day if I tried. And how do I keep my sugar intake down if I eat 1 cup of cornflakes or muesli, 1 pot of yoghurt and 2 biscuits a day.

Actually I'd feel forever hungry on those guidelines and it would only take me about 2 days before I was boosting the grain and sugar intake because I was starving from not enough protein.

mt-deap, Mar 30, 3:27am
No, and proud of it! LOL.

kirinesha, Mar 30, 6:18am
And a no from me, but that's hardly a surprise.

prendy1, Mar 30, 7:20am
No. I don't eat meat or dairy products, and would not eat as many as 6 grain based foods in a day. I aim for 7+ fruit and veges too. But I do the excercise!

lyl_guy, Mar 30, 7:41am
thanks to you all so far... keep the answers coming!

cgvl, Mar 30, 9:34am
No here too. although we do at times eat a lot of vegies and fruit but nowhere near the amount of starch foods suggested.
Rarely eat cereal as most of it is fortified and I'm not allowed it and dairy has to be unfortified also. Not allowed anything fortified with Iron so guess I don't eat follow the food pyramid at all.
Also need to watch the sugar intake and again cereals etc are full of it.

snapit, Mar 30, 10:02am
NoI don't follow any specific plan but it is a guide and nothing says you have to eat everything there.
It is a much healthier plan than many people have. Just see the line ups at the fast food places and listen to some and hear how many times a week they have takeaways.
Look at how many chips, biscuits, lollies, soft drinks are in shopping trolleys or tossed out vehicle windows onto the roadside.
We are about 35ks from the nearest takeaway, have our own meat and eggs, veges and a big orchard, don't have our own milk

indy95, Mar 30, 5:47pm
Definitely not, far too much sugar and carbs and not enough protein. I do keep active though.

elliehen, Mar 30, 10:31pm
". . to the letter"? lyl_guy, I can safely predict the result of your poll - 99. 999% will say NO. The rest might say yes by mistake because they don't read the question carefully.

A guideline is never meant to be followed to the letter. Think, for example, of the guidelines you might give your teenage offspring for behaviour at parties... or use of your car...

uli, Mar 30, 10:38pm
Haha - start another poll then elliehen :)

lyl_guy, Mar 31, 1:49am
But the guideline itself is flexible in it's own way... such as "at least 6 serves" (and gives examples only)... . "up to 2 alcoholic drinks... " etc. It's not pedantic in telling people what to eat / not to eat... .
I'm interested because the "food lies... " thread has a lot of stats etc quoted, and some posters are saying that "since people have been following a low fat, high carb diet... " etc... what *I* was saying, is that I know of VERY few people who actually follow the guidelines... and this poll is (so far) showing that too. I'm certainly not saying 'everyone should follow these. . '- not at all. I don't.

lyl_guy, Mar 31, 1:56am
Although... to add to the above, most of the posters replying here have been the low-carbers... so hopefully we'll get more of the 'other' types of eaters here too, lol.
It's really to find out if those guidelines ARE being followed (even remotely) by anyone, or if they're just a waste of time. I have my own interest in this, because I work for a DHB who actually promotes these... not me personally, because in acute medicine, we have a dietician available to give the dietary advice... . we're a little busy (unfortunately) dealing with whatever acute problem is being presented.

uli, Mar 31, 2:07am
Looks like most of the "other" types of eaters cannot be bothered to read up your leaflet LOL ...

But give it another few bumps - it might yet happen.

lyl_guy, Mar 31, 3:10am
hehe, yes, I used "other" because I can't say "traditional" or "normal" can I, lol?

elliehen, Mar 31, 3:25am
I read it again out of interest to see if it had changed since I was last acquainted with it.

I think some of the 'other' types of eaters might view their bodies like their car engines - that is, do as well as you can by it, follow generally accepted principles of good car maintenance but as long as it keeps on running well, trust the good mechanic!

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