It is my daughter's 6th Birthday

leanneeva, Dec 15, 10:53pm
on the 28th of this month. My mum, who she was extremely close to passed away in September. Mum had promised to make my daughter a birthday cake.anyway I need idea's on how to create her a cake with a theme.
I have been looking and looking online but can't find anything free to copy from.
If anyone can think of a design and how to make it , I would be truly appreciative. My little girl misses her nan so much and just want to make this a happy day for her. T.I.A

harrislucinda, Dec 15, 10:56pm

leanneeva, Dec 15, 10:59pm
Yeah I been looking and looking. At first thought of a gingerbread house and then saw so many more while searching. Now my head is jumbled , I can bake but have never really made anything creative with cakes before. Hmmm a butterfly might be a good idea too., Dec 15, 11:05pm
I know self promotion isn't allowed, and I'm not doing that on purpose.just trying to help (so please don't anyone have a go at me). But, I have recently listed some cake pans you might be interested in and an absolutely fabulous cupcake stand with a princess theme. Hope you find what you're looking for, whether it be on TM or somewhere else.

leanneeva, Dec 15, 11:07pm
thanks I will have a look. Anyway I asked and you replied so its not really self promotion lol.

perle, Dec 15, 11:26pm
I saw a really cool cake on google, it was a round cake with a smaller round one on top so it looked like a 2 tier if that makes sense, anyway it was iced pink and white with one of those princess crowns that you can buy from the 2 dollar shop placed on top, so it was a "princess themed" cake. I thought it looked awesome, and so easy :)

cookessentials, Dec 15, 11:28pm
A butterfly cake can be made hiring a butterfly tin and making a butter cake recipe for it. You can then pipe small stars on it in various colours which makes it look wonderful but is easy for you to do.

leanneeva, Dec 15, 11:44pm
Thanks for the ideas. I will check in later , have to take the girls to the doctors now.

sarahb5, Dec 16, 12:01am
I made my daughter one like a picture frame one year - just a square cake with lollies all over the top apart from the centre which had a laminated photo on it - maybe you could do something like that and put a picture of your mum and your daughter on it!

valentino, Dec 16, 1:26am
Bake a nice Ring Cake, the one with the hollowed centre, put a nice barbie or a princess doll (fully Dressed or partially) then ice the cake so much to form the remaining part of a Gown with stars, or those silver balls etc etc. even M&M's, whatever.

leanneeva, Dec 16, 4:47am
well thanks everyone but just got home and found in countdown an entire kit for making a gingerbread house. I thought it was a pretty good deal. Thanks once again.

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