How to store chocolate truffles!

indy24, Dec 14, 2:10am
Hi everyone.First year making three different lots of truffles for Christmas.Rum & Raisen, Mint Slice Ones and the Gingernut ones off the message board.Was wanting to make them this weekend.But how do I store them! In the freezer or the fridge, some of them will be dipped in chocolate and have cream cheese and condensed milk in them.So I am thinking the fridge or should I just make the mixtures up, freeze or fridge, then dip them on Christmas Eve! Eeeekkkkk! Have searched the internet but seems to be conflicting opinions.Help! Thank-you in advance!

lynja, Dec 14, 3:15am
i usually freeze mine. They are fine. infact can be eaten straight from the freezer when the weather is hot.

skydancing, Dec 14, 3:23am
Am curious too but if we do freeze them do we put the chocolate on first or after taken out of freezer!


rainrain1, Dec 14, 3:25am
They'll keep ok inairtight containers

elliehen, Dec 14, 3:45am
Freezer is best because it's a dry place so the chocolate doesn't 'sweat' as it can do in the fridge.

indy24, Dec 14, 9:27pm
Thank-you everyone! Freezer it is!

rkcroft, Dec 15, 1:01am
I always freeze allmy truffles.Many can be eaten straight from the freezer too.

sheepey, Dec 15, 1:38am
Is the truffles post still on the message board please

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