Any cookbook recommendation for 6.5 year old girl

jano8, Dec 13, 6:53am
just starting to show interest in cooking - any recommendation for a good first cook book for a miss 6 !

southerngurl, Dec 13, 7:30am
theres heaps of kids cookbooks out.
real basic stuff. i noticed the other day even My Little Pony has one now

for a real easy peasy go for the Edmonds Beginners Cookbook

cgvl, Dec 13, 7:44am
there is a Kids can cook one. I have one but it is packed away grrr DH packed all our books including all but 2 of mine.
the one I have is a red cover to it from memory. Has easy recipes like nachos in it along with drinks, baking etc. Very suitable for that age group.

gardie, Dec 13, 7:55am
Ready Steady Spaghetti- awesome book with easy recipes suitable for the whole family to eat.

jano8, Dec 13, 10:11am
thanks guys, appreciated!

punkinthefirst, Dec 13, 10:56am
Edmonds beginners. Or - why don't you buy her a notebook and start her off with a few simple tried and true recipes from your own collection. She can add her own as she perfects them, then, and when she leaves home she can take her favourite dishes with her. (It will be sooner than you can imagine!) Good on you for starting her on her own culinary journey!

coreblimey, Dec 13, 11:32am
I'll third the Edmonds beginners book.Lots of easy to follow recipes for kids and totally NZ relevant :)

logansrun93, Dec 13, 1:28pm
I have the Edmonds Junior has simple to follow has snacks, soups, main dishes, vegetables & slads, desserts, & baking recipes.I found it at a Gala and straight away I thought of my 10yr old son that enjoys cooking.

ruby19, Dec 13, 5:47pm
Sam sterns are easy cook books, I also think I bought the family circle ones, I think they are abit like the womens weekly format ones.

cookessentials, Dec 13, 6:03pm
Australian Women's Weekly do some great childrens cook books. Something with a spiral spine is good, also one that you can wipe and shows step by step instructions in pictures is also really helpful.

sarahb5, Dec 13, 11:43pm
We have a Barbie one that Miss now 20 got when she was about that age as well as two copies of the Edmonds Junior Cook Book which I use myself now and then as well

sleyle, Dec 13, 11:58pm
I have a good kids cooking book listed :-)

jano8, Dec 14, 5:51am
hey thanks all, but i bought one last night off here along with a home made apron from another trader on here. don't we just love trademe.

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