Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

bexta021, Dec 7, 2:15am
Ive never done these before.Do they h ave to be done on the same day as required! Is there any particular chocolate you use!Do you just melt the chocolate, dip in the strawberries then put in fridge!
Doesanyone have any special tips etc.

zahnee, Dec 7, 2:18am
I recommend doing them the same day, I always add a bit of oil to the chocolate when melting it.
They are very yummy, enjoy.

zahnee, Dec 7, 2:19am
By the way I usually use chocolate buttons.

muddler, Dec 7, 2:20am
yup just melt the choc, make sure it is not too hot though or you will start to cook the berries and make them soggy. place them on baking paper to set.

beastie3, Dec 7, 5:13am
yep they are best done on the day you will eat not to put in fridge if you can help it.they may get condensation on them. I know the humid weather at Xmas doesn't make it easy.hey have you tried dipping in dark choc, letting it set then dipping them half way up in white choc! very pretty!

babytears, Dec 7, 6:27am
Make sure that the strawberries are at room temperature before dipping otherwise they will get condensation on the chocolate

kinna54, Dec 7, 7:44am
Also when melting the choc and doing the dipping you have to work quite fast. Melting the choc over a double boiler, DO NOT allow the bowl of choc to touch the water! and make sure no steam can escape, to cause condensation, I have also microwaved, but prefer to use the double boiler method, if you are doing a huge amount it is often better to melt the choc in batches, as the temperature changes rapidly.
Also use a good quality chocolate: look at the cocoa percentage on the brand.

celosia, Dec 7, 8:03am
I just did some yesterday for an afternoon tea treat - just used ordinary choc melts, followed melting instructions - don't put in frig - just as others said, condensation forms.Just before eating I sprinkled some sifted icing sugar over top and they looked and tasted fab. Enjoy.

pietrap, Dec 7, 8:48am
Another thing I have found for this time of year when it's quite humid, is to do this first thing in the morning. If it's later in the day the chocolate doesn't work as well, gets lumpy and then it's just very frustrating.

bev00, Dec 6, 10:32am
recycling for the strawb season

tigra, Dec 7, 3:11am
Try to use fresh strawberries .pref home grown.

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