Homebrand Cooking Chocolate

indy24, Dec 6, 3:06am
Hi everyone.Just wondering what this would be like to melt and coat truffles in! Has anyone tried it!A lot cheaper than the Nestle Melts and Whittakers.Christmas is on a budget this year so trying to save money where I can.

shop-a-holic, Dec 6, 3:22am
I use Cadbury's 70% cocoa. $3 a block at New World this week; or often 2 for $5 at Pak 'n Slave.

katalin2, Dec 6, 3:46am
Have a look at the ingredients listed on the packet- I am pretty sure it has trans fatty acids in it. I buy the 70% chocolate as poster above- preferably Richfields as it is a NZ company.

paghan, Dec 6, 4:09am
I have used and do use the homebrand, at the end of the day, IMHO.it still looks like chocolate, taste like chocolate just with out the name and price. What sort of truffles did you make!
Last year I made ginger and caramel, tim tams and triple chocolate ones.YUMMO

shop-a-holic, Dec 6, 6:18am
Richfields 70% is by far, the best; extremely smooth on the tongue, which means their tempering method is superior to any other manufacturer.

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