Creme Brulee, need an answer, please.

chooky, Nov 29, 8:41pm
Hi, I make creme brulee, in a water bath at 140 deg, but it always shrinks, about 1/2 the size, what am I doing wrong. Thanks.

davidt4, Nov 29, 8:56pm
What recipe are you using!140 C should be fine so it might be some other aspect.

chooky, Nov 29, 9:12pm
The question is for a friend. 420mls cream, 4 egg yolks,vanilla pod, 1/3c sugar. Recipe came with the blower torch. She made it for us on Sat night and it was yummy. She said it shrinks everytime. Thanks.

davidt4, Nov 29, 10:11pm
The recipe looks fine.Perhaps she cooks it for too long!The custard should be barely set as it will firm up when chilled.

chooky, Nov 29, 10:31pm
Thanks davidt4, will let her know. It was still yummy, but Its one of my favourite puddings, when I saw I was only getting half a pud, was disappointed. LOL.

mss2006, Nov 30, 3:13am
Try higher sides on the water bath and / or bath with foil.

mss2006, Nov 30, 3:30am
If its over cooked it may shrink and crack when cold.You can tell if its over cook when digging into it you will find pin hole sized bubbles all over.When cooked correctly it should be smooth and velvety through out.

chooky, Nov 30, 11:05am
Thanks so much. I told my friend I didnt mind being the tester if she wants to have another go tonight, havnt had a ring yet.!