Best before date.

tessie3, Nov 28, 10:08pm
I have been cleaning out my spices drawer and have come across 2 unopened Paprika's.both have passed their Use by Date for this year.Do I throw them out.Seems an awful waste.I don't use paprika that much.only in casseroles.In my mother's time there was never any date on these such things,now you have it on practically everything.

uli, Nov 28, 10:10pm
Taste them and smell them.

If they smell musty and old biff them.
If they smell ok, taste them.
If they are bitter throw them out.

nellbee, Nov 28, 10:11pm
Are they packed in glass or cardboard, tessie! I'd keep one in glass if it's unopened.

Some spices do lose their oomph over time, but others seem to last beyond their official 'use by' date just fine. That's a manufacturer's requirement.

Nothing like freshly ground, of course, but fine for a casserole.

tessie3, Nov 28, 10:30pm
They are both unused in glass.You are right uli I guess you would go by smell and taste.Have just thrown out some mixed herbs.Thankyou all for your comments.Will continue with my cleaning.Just the two of us,so I don't use these spices and such that fast.

davidt4, Nov 28, 11:19pm
Paprika doesn't last very well, so it will probably need to be thrown out.You can tell by its colour, which should be bright orangey-red.If it still smells fresh try to use it up soon.