Turkey in the slow cooker!

lbphotography, Nov 24, 12:47am
Hi guys,

I'm having people over for dinner tomorrow night, I'm going to have turkey - was just going to get one of those pre-stuffed Tegal turkey breast rolls or the turkey boneless roast . I'll be at work all day so am I able to just throw it in the crock pot before I leave in the morning! Any one have a recipe! Cheers

sconz1, Nov 24, 12:49am
So simple you won't need to. If it is the 800g -1kg roll you can bang it in the oven after work. only take 40mins formemory look on the box.

lbphotography, Nov 24, 12:54am
awesome - thank you! Was starting to get worried as I'm feeling a bit unorganised! :)

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