Quick and easy spanish food?

neatz, Mar 28, 2:05am
Does anyone have any quick and easy spanish food recipes. My girl needs to take some to school tomorrow and I can't think of anything and google had ingredients I have never heard of. Thanks!

otagodon, Mar 28, 2:15am
nachos /// tacos ... burritos ...

buzzy110, Mar 28, 2:33am
What are these ingredients you have never heard of neatz?

buzzy110, Mar 28, 2:34am
Gosh. I thought these were Mexican dishes.

winnie231, Mar 28, 2:37am
Aren't these Mexican? ? ?

There are some simple spanish tapa dishes ... google should be able to help.

buzzy110, Mar 28, 2:48am
Cevice, tortilla (pronounced torteeya), Spanish Olives, chorizo sausage, paella (pronounced paieeya). These are some simple ideas. But surely the course your daughter is currently doing would have discussed the foods of Spain. Try looking in her exercise book, or whatever it is that children do their schoolwork in these days, for some ideas.

poorpoor_pawpaw, Dec 23, 11:56am
A little late, but I had to make some spanish food for school the other day so I cooked Churros, they're like donuts but slightly different. They taste great and are cheap to make. Nothing unusual in them, just flour, sugar butter etc

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