Chowder Recipe

stoats, Nov 8, 6:50pm
I am looking for a good chowder recipe as it is so expensive to buy

jessie981, Nov 8, 7:37pm
Go into l/h message board & under keyword put chowder. Under date posted use drop box & put last year. Recipes there.

stoats, Nov 9, 5:36am
what is I/h message board!

jessie981, Nov 9, 7:01am
lefthand message board.

tiger86, Nov 20, 6:41am
The one I make is easy, chop up the following:
some garlic, carrots, onions, celery and potates, sweat in some butter in a pan with some chopped fennell (lid on), add some flour and mix to a dry/rough consistency. Add chicken stock and water slowy at first mixing in well, bring to boil, simmer for a little, then add in chopped fish/prawns/mussels etc and finish off with a splash of cream and a nip of pernod - serve with some fresh french bread