Caramel square

fergus14, Mar 27, 2:01am
Whats the best recipe i jst had a complete disaster using that caramel condensed milk & cant find it in any of my books

barloo, Mar 27, 2:03am
caramel condensed milk

thats stuff is horrid! !

wpners off to have a look for you

barloo, Mar 27, 2:04am asp
x? id=225713

barloo, Mar 27, 2:06am asp
x? id=183885

some more good ones here toos:)

fergus14, Mar 27, 2:10am
Thanks barloo

caro25, Mar 27, 7:07am
the trick with the tin caramel is not to work it to much as it breaks down you can just boil a tin of condence milk in a pot of water but i forget how long for sorry

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