tomato puree.. can you...

camlamb1, Mar 26, 10:37pm
freeze it, the recipe i have perserves it in jars. but it is a old ed cook book. i was hoping to freeze it in bags? ? ? can this be done. thanks

korbo, Mar 26, 10:42pm
yes, i freeze my soup and tomato pulp in either bags or those glad containers.
you just gotta remember to get it outta the freezer when needed tho. not like going to the pantry for a jar... .

camlamb1, Mar 26, 10:53pm
Thanks korbo. Also i don't suppose you know anything about sterilizing perserving jars in the microwave? ? ? ?

camlamb1, Mar 26, 11:04pm

lythande1, Dec 8, 11:59am
I freeze it all the time. In fact I freeze everything left over, canned veges, canned fruit, cream, sauces, herbs etc

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