I want to make my own caramel so

bhindibabe, Nov 11, 10:29pm
its like the tinned one.any ideas!

kassie48, Nov 11, 11:43pm
Edmonds Recipe
1/2 tin condensed milk
1TBSP butter
1TBSP golden syrup
1/2c br sugar
2 egg yolks
1tsp vanilla essence
1&1//2TBSPs flour
Put condensed milk in a saucepan with butter, golden syrup, sugar, egg yolks & essence. Warm mixture then add flour. When cold use for your baking.

babytears, Nov 11, 11:49pm
Or get a tin of Nestle Condensed Milk and simmer the entire sealed tin in a pot of water for 3 hours - it'll turn into caramel

kassie48, Nov 11, 11:56pm
Love the tin Caramel. Use it in Muffins.
your method is probably better babytears.

valentino, Nov 12, 12:29am
Caramel What!

Sauce, squares, fudge, slices etc.

If sauce - prefer butterscotch sauce.

If squares or fudge - look in the thread "Confectionery", likewise slices in "Slices".

bhindibabe, Nov 12, 12:59am
its for the caramel muffins, i use the tin one but would like to make my own if possible.i got recipe for scm from here so thought might be able to make caramel.i'll try your recipe kassie, thanks

heatherfeather, Nov 13, 12:36am
To make caramel like the stuff in the tin - get one can of sweetend condensed milk (do not open).Place the unopened can in a saucepan almost covered with water.Bring to the boil and simmer for 2 hours (ensure that there is always water in the saucepan eg keep topping up with boiling water from the kettle).After 2 hours, cool.Then open.Yummy caramel!

supercook, Nov 13, 1:06am
How long will caramel last once you have cooked it without opening it! Where do you store it frig or pantry. Going to try this the caramel condensed milk is alot more $$ than regular condensed milk.

harrislucinda, Nov 13, 2:10am
storeinfridgeShouldkeepawhileifunopenedButdonotopenuntillcompletelycool asitwillexplode

w00wah, Nov 13, 2:44am
I have used this a lot and have never waited for it to cool completely, just until cool enough to handle.No explosions.Off topic, but here's what I use it for:

Moa Droppings
Stand 1 tin condensed milk in boiling water for 1½ -2 hours.When partly cool empty contents into basin with
1 pkt crushed wine or arrowroot biscuits
1Tbsp cocoa
Vanilla essence
2 crushed weetbix
About 125gm sultanas (or any other dried fruit, nuts)
Mix well, roll into balls and roll in coconut.Refrigerate to set.(Better next day).

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