I HAVE to recommend this cookbook

juliewn, Nov 9, 10:50am
Thanks Katje. I've seen this reviewed and the words were glowing.

katje, Nov 9, 8:53pm
the pictures in it are just.awesome if you love summr hoiday themes and the food recipes are just so awesom and summery ijust had to recommend it I open it every night for something new or a new idea

seniorbones, Nov 11, 2:27pm
i have # one and two, never made anything from them! but I have a million books and at the moment annabel langbein's are my favourites. I was thinking of passing them on.

kiwifidget, Nov 11, 7:13pm
I'd like a cookbook that comes with a pop-out chef!

elliehen, Nov 11, 10:06pm
Brilliant idea!

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