What could I replace peanut butter for.

iriegirl, Nov 12, 4:21am
in a biscuit recipe! Allergy to peanuts :( but recipe spounds good, tried to replace it with just ordinary butter, but had an epic FAIL!
Any help gratefully recieved!

cheeseepoof, Nov 12, 4:26am

davidt4, Nov 12, 4:28am
Try a nut butter - almond or cashew.

uli, Nov 12, 4:37am
Any other nut butter - macadamia is usually the best tolerated nut if you are allergic. Or as davidt4 says almond or cashew.

iriegirl, Nov 12, 5:33am
Thanks all, next question, can I buy these in a regular supermartket and would they be in a similar section to peanut butter!

kinna54, Nov 12, 5:41am
hazel nut spread.i.e nutella! Could be a possibility.
Can I ask what exactly are you making! if it is something like the easy peasy peanut butter cookie recipe, (just peanut butter, caster sugar and egg,) then no, I don't know of a suitable replacement.

duckmoon, Nov 12, 6:00am
I was going to say almond butter or cashew butter . Too

uli, Nov 12, 7:41am
Maybe not of you are allergic already - have you ever read (the small print) and figured out what that Nutella concoction is all about!

deus701, Nov 12, 7:45am
nuts, & more nuts

uli, Nov 12, 7:53am

deus701, Nov 12, 7:55am
my god, there is no real chocolate inside! *gasp*
havent eaten nutella for a while, just my own concoction of praline paste n choc.

brish, Nov 12, 8:02am
Cream cheese!

deus701, Nov 12, 8:07am
i wonder how does the signature range/generic ones compare to nutella.

frances1266, Nov 12, 6:51pm
Tahini would work in some recipes.

litedelites, Nov 12, 7:21pm
Yes, I would agree with Tahini and the other nut butters, if they are only allergic to peanuts and not other nuts.

pickles7, Nov 12, 7:24pm
you replaced peanut butter.with butter. you must of been. nuts

lilyfield, Nov 12, 7:35pm
replace with other nut butters will cost you a fortune- Use another recipe

there are thousands around

uli, Nov 12, 9:28pm

I have some french wwoofers here at present and they eat sweets for breakfast -
white bread with Delish Hazelnut spread:

Ingredients from their glass of spread (and you know that the biggest amounts always get listed first):
vegetable oil (partly hydrogenated)
hazelnut (13%)
low fat cocoa powder (7.5%)
whey permeate
soy powder
emulsifier (soy)
skimmed milk powder
natural flavouring (hazelnut and vanilla)

Bon appetit - it is made in Holland not China.

uli, Nov 12, 9:29pm
Well I think the few dollops in a biscuit recipe won't break the bank.
How much is it you need to replace!

iriegirl, Nov 12, 10:13pm
Okay, firstly I can eat other nuts, just not in large quantities, and the recipe is for macadamia and white chocolate biscuits, so hummus/tahini wouldn't really do it! And yes pickles7, that word has been used inreference to my baking! I'm a self-confessed terrible baker, but I try.
Oh and I only need 125g for the recipe, so it wouldn't cost a fortune I'm thinking! Thse biscuits better be worth it!

juli55, Nov 12, 10:55pm
Do you have a food processor!
Take the nuts of your choice to the amount specified in the recipe, put in processor and WHIZZZZ until you get something resembling peanut butter.If too dry, add VEGE or salad oil - the type that is almost tasteless.Whiz again and add to recipe.

survivorr, Nov 12, 11:18pm
I always buy CeresOrganics Peanut Butter now and they have Almond Butter and Cashew Butter as well.Once I tasted CeresOrganics product I was SOLD . and I never buy other products now.However, their Peanut Butter isn't cheap (around $6 I think) so not really an option for families.

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