Food colouring questions please :)

deejayrobbied, Mar 26, 5:50am
I am attempting to make a cake for my sons birthday in a few weeks. Have the tin and a great recipe for the cake. I was told by a friend that to get bright colours for Bob the Builder I should use Gel colouring. How is this different to the normal ones at the supermarket? Also i looked at spotlight and they only havepowder colouring, would this work or should I order gels. Last question... . if I go gels do i have to get all the different colours or can I get primary colours and mix them. thanks so much :)

deejayrobbied, Dec 6, 3:15am
Wilton Bob the Builder Icing Color Kit and
Wilton Icing Colors in Black and Copper
(Light Skintone). If the Wilton Bob The
Builder Icing Color Kit is unavailable, you
will also need Wilton Icing Colors in Royal
Blue, Lemon Yellow, Orange and Brown

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