Decadent chocolate cake

bexta021, Oct 28, 10:23pm
I have just made this cake and am going to ice it with chocolate cream glaze.Does anyone know what i use if i want to put writing or decoration on top of this glaze what i would use! Its for an engagement. Maybe i have to use melted white chocolate!

beautifulflower, Oct 29, 1:38am
i would probably put piping consitency white icing/white chocolate for writing, and i love putting real flowers on thesespecial celebration cakes

bexta021, Oct 29, 1:54am
Do you think the writing would stick to the glaze ok!

splitty, Oct 29, 2:38am
Is it a ganache! The writing should stick fine. If you use white choc it will set hard so if you want it to stay soft you could add a little butter but white choc seizes easily so it maybe easier to do a simple icing sugar/water icing, depending on your experience level of course.

bexta021, Oct 29, 4:54am
i have minimal experience so might resort to buying some sort of decoration to put on it maybe ! !

bexta021, Oct 30, 6:31pm
Any other tips I should know pleaes!

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