Cake pops cake

popped_out, Oct 28, 9:26am
hi, Im going to make a cake pops cake for my daughters birthday, we have had a trial run with the cake pops themselves and they turned out great. So to make them look nice displayed (google) I have seen them placed in a base of polystrene, whats other options! Has anyone used a cake itself, do they stay up and not fall over!

wheelz, Oct 28, 10:00am
so is a cake pop, a truffle on a stick!

wheelz, Oct 28, 10:11am
ok so I googled. they're cute ! I like the idea of the ones with candy sticks as the stick part, and with Christmas only 7 weeks away, I'm sure there a candy canes around. Saw some as flowers in a terra-cotta pot decorated with ribbon and ! straw bedding. Pot could be filled with sugar to hold the pops up. Or how about polystyrene wrapped and ribboned as a present!

gardie, Oct 28, 7:03pm
kiwicakes (an online dot co new zealand company) have had their own made. Have a look there.

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