Help, Seals for Jars

wineo, Mar 25, 9:38pm
I have several glass jars with glass lids and a metal clip, I am desperately trying to find a supplier in Auckland who sells the orange rubber rings that are reguired to seal, anyone know where to purchase

jag5, Mar 25, 10:30pm
Try Arthur Holmes website. They most things to do with jars and bottles etc.

buzzy110, Mar 26, 4:42am
I've seen them in the glass jar section at Briscoes

wineo, Mar 26, 8:42pm
Thanx to both of you will try both these options

cookessentials, Mar 26, 10:17pm
Arthur Holmes dont sell the rubber rings.

wineo, Mar 27, 1:10am
Thanx cookessentials will try Briscoes

fogs, Mar 27, 2:28am
I have recently bought some in New World and countdown on the north shore

dollmakernz, Dec 8, 5:41pm
New World sell them

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