Fry bread recipe

marnie5, Oct 24, 10:30pm
anyone got one, i was raised by hippies and wolves so never learned the finer points of frying things.

lx4000, Oct 25, 1:48am
bread dough fried in shallow oil :)

pheebs1, Oct 26, 1:02am
4 cups flour
1 yeast sachet
1/4 cup sugar
1 cup milk
1 cup hot water

mix in the above order and knead for ten mins
prove for an hour
roll into 2cm thick and cut
fry in about 2cm hot shallow oil
and turn
done in seconds

me-shell1, Oct 26, 1:03am
flour,1tsp bp per c of flour, pinch of salt and warm water to mix, cut into squares and fry, mmmmmmm nom nom