Help how to sell chocolate moulds(pics wont work!)

k.b.moss, Oct 23, 7:01am
've got a bulk lot of 108 chocolate moulds mixed ie easter, chest, chessboard, easter, love, kids etc. The prob i have, ive tried to take photos and they don't show up. I'm having a gargale sale but prob wont get wat i want for them moneywise. and ideas would be great. thanks

valentino, Oct 23, 7:11am
Do a flour dough of firm texture or make homemade "Play Doh" and do one of each and place them with your moulds.

Can also just fill them with flour then turn them over so the flour shows through the moulds, however one needs to ensure the flour stays within. hmmmm, just thinking.

Oh, perghaps a jelly impression of each mould. Still thinking. oh well.

k.b.moss, Oct 23, 7:24am
i like the idea of the playdough. the rest seems a bit messy lol. i'll try that

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