Almost too embarassed to ask but,

thepalmnut, Mar 25, 5:30am
Not long shifted house and keep getting "brain freeze", you know those blanc senior moments lol. Anyway, I can't for the life of me remember how to measure small amounts of liquid. i. e. like 1oz of liquid... is that a tablespoon? Sits here blushing.

ruby19, Mar 25, 5:37am
Type the 1oz into google and then what you want it to be converted to
1oz into tsp...

daylite1, Mar 25, 5:38am
a teaspoon is 5ml, Tbsp 15ml

thepalmnut, Mar 25, 5:57am
thanks, done. 1fluid oz = 2tlbs. I just couldn't think lol. Just another joy of shifting house... not.

cookessentials, Mar 25, 6:39pm
No such thing as a "senior moment" - we call it "intelectual overload" LOL

lulu239, Mar 25, 7:09pm
I love it Pamela. Now if I could only just remember to use it!

thepalmnut, Mar 26, 3:37am
Love it !

cookessentials, Mar 26, 3:51am
Yes, I loved it when I heard it too.

pixiegirl, Mar 26, 3:53am
Well said Pam - I must remember that one when my kids give me a hard time. Have a great weekend everyone.

flyingpencil, Mar 26, 12:27pm
Whew. No more senior or blonde moments for me... . . intellectual overloads here I come!

indy95, Dec 8, 6:05am
Try " temporary cognitive malfunction " if you really want to confuse people. By the time they work it out you will probably have remembered whatever you forgot to start with. Usually works for me !

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