No Fail Awesome dessert recipe required for dinner

scannell2, Mar 25, 4:11am
tomorrow night... . if possible does anyone have something really easy to make and guaranteed not to fail, i am having family over for a bbq tomorrow night and would like to do a nice dessert so any help or suggestions would be great:-))

cap, Mar 25, 4:43am
I make a yummy Bailey's Cheesecake. It is pretty hard to stuff up if you follow the instructions. I can post the recipe if the idea tickles your tastebuds.

babytears, Mar 25, 4:46am
Buy (or make) some mini pavalova, whip cream and dollop that and sprinkle berries over the top (berries that have been sprinkled with icing sugar)... . my gosh it looks devine and tastes great

cap, Mar 25, 4:48am
Here is the recipe (I don't usually bother with the sauce but it is really nice)
"Bailey's Cheesecake - never fails!
250g choc chip biscuits 75g butter, melted, 3tsp gelatine, 1/4c water, 2x 250g packets cream cheese, 3/4 cup caster sugar, 300ml thickened cream, 1/3 cup baileys 2 eggs whites. Chocolate sauce. 200g dark chocolate chopped, 1c thickened cream, 2 tablespoons baileys Crush biscuits till they resemble breadcrumbs. Add butter, stir to combine. Press into cheesecake tin, refrigerate for 30mins or till firm. Sprinkle gelatine over water in a small heatproof jug stand in small saucepan of simmering water, stir until dissolved... cool for 5 mins. Beat cream cheese and sugar until smooth. Add cream beat until thick. Stir in gelatine and liquor. Beat egg whites until soft peaks form. Fold into cheese mixture. Pour over prepared base. Cover and refrigerate for 4hrs until set. Chocolate sauce. Combine chocolate and cream in saucepan, stir over low heat until smooth. Stir in Liqueur. Serve with cheesecake.

jag5, Mar 25, 10:35pm
Never fail... easy as... and popular. Chocolate Chippie Log.

Dip choc chip bikkies in sherry (or milk or OJ for kids) join together into a log, or ring or individual ones of 3 high, with whipped cream. Cover log or ring entirely with more cream, sprinkle with choc hail, grated chocolate or 100's and 1000's etc. Leave to soften for few hours.

crystalmoon, Mar 25, 11:37pm
Ambrosia Pudding

Lge pot (1kg)of your favourite berry yoghurt, whip a bottle of cream and fold through, add pkt marshmallows, add crushed pkt of oreo's or your favourite biscuit, mix well and chill. One of our family favourites and soooo easyyy. You can add whatever you fancy, lollies, biscuits, tin fruit, frozen berries. Good luck

crystalmoon, Dec 5, 1:47am
Hey jag5. We did one last xmas and used bailey's instead of sherry was yummo :):)

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