party nibbles

rosiemoodle, Mar 25, 2:02am
doing the usual chips`ndip, corn chips and salsa. . any other ideas Nothing too expensive or time consuming for a 50th birthday

st_allie, Mar 25, 2:20am
there are big boxes of spring rolls/samosas in the freezer dept at pak n save . . about $8 for 70 pieces? . . serve with sweet chili sauce for dipping.

homelygirl0011, Mar 25, 2:37am
boil up is good, for those that drink, to fill there hunger.

245sam, Mar 25, 2:42am
rosiemoodle, have a look at:- asp
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rosiemoodle, Mar 25, 2:52am
thanks for the ideas I have supper under control just wanted a few more nibbles... cheers

kazzymoto, Mar 25, 4:27am
crostini with various toppings, beef and blueberry, smoked chicken and cranberry, pesto for vegetarian option. basically cut up a french stick into slices, oil the slices and bake them in the oven til hard. pipe cream cheese on top and then add the flavours you like. Its a good, cheap and quick way to put variety into your party.

rosiemoodle, Mar 25, 5:01am
thanks kazzy

macwood2, Mar 25, 7:17am
kazzymoto - what blueberry do you use with your beef?

auntlb, Dec 3, 9:52pm
Sausage rolls, pizzas, garlic bread