beebee5, Mar 25, 1:03am
I bought a piece of fresh salmon (now in the freezer) but I
can't find a recipe anywhere on how to cook it. Every salmon recipe I find speaks about using tinned salmon. Can anyone tell me
1. Do I batter it
2. Do I steam it
3Do I fry it.
I've never bought it before and would value some tasty suggestions

245sam, Mar 25, 1:29am
beebee5, we prefer our fresh salmon grilled or cooked as in this recipe:-

For info' and more recipes for using fresh salmon have a look at:-

robyn1313, Mar 25, 1:29am
Covered in tin foil in the oven with some kind of dressing is what we do. If I don't have much in the cupboard - I sprinkle with salt, squeeze lemon and if i have any a bit of chopped spring onion.
Don't cook too long in the oven tho'

aktow, Mar 25, 7:03am
since i am old now and lazy. i just buy my salmon from foodtown which is wrapped in glad wrap. i put the whole thing in the microwave for 2 minutes. it turns out so nice. from frozen i give it 2. 5 minutes,

melford, Dec 4, 2:43am
I can vouch for Jo Seagars recipe for baking salom fillets - absolutely wonderful and the sauce that goes with it is just superb