Curried sausages made in slowcooker

abbey171, Oct 9, 9:27am
Can somebody please share there recipe for curried sausages done in a slow cooker or crockpot. .

gardie, Oct 9, 6:07pm
Maggi packet of curry sausages mix lol.To do these from scratch would require you to cook off the curry powder in a pan first perhaps with the onions and a dab of butter then put it into the crockpot with the sausages, a few sultanas and a finely diced apple (if you like the fruity curry).This would make the curry flavour come through.

harrislucinda, Oct 9, 7:53pm
if youdontwantto useapremixi wouldfrysausagesfirstcutintocubesanddo asabove

pickles7, Oct 9, 8:43pm
Use the Maggi mix, the idea of using the slow cooker is, no dishes.I would sit the sausages on a bed of finely sliced onions. You can add your touch, as far as extra seasonings, before serving. By the time you start frying onions, curry, etc. you may as well cook them, there and then. enjoy

abbey171, Oct 9, 8:46pm
Thanks everybody, it was for my son who is cooking for himself this week while his wife and kids are away on holiday. He asked yesterday so he could put it on before going off to work then would be readywhen he comes in at night. I had mentioned the pre mix.

pickles7, Oct 9, 9:06pm
My son cooks for himself too. cooks heaps of chicken up on Sunday, portions it out and freezes it for the week. All for the sake of looking good, lol. His hours can be very long so he has stopped using the slow cooker. He never knew what he was coming home to.