Where do I chuck my deep fryer oil

meltingmoment, Mar 24, 11:09pm
Not down the sink, is that correct?

jag5, Mar 24, 11:13pm
That's correct. Got an empty milk bottle? I usually put it in a bottle, then out with the rubbish.

meltingmoment, Mar 24, 11:28pm
cool thanks. I asked in Parenting as well and got told off for cooking in a deep fryer.

st_allie, Mar 24, 11:42pm

meltingmoment, Mar 25, 12:10am
scarey over there, so I just posted this over there, got me curious about deep frying so did some googling. What do you think?

Deep frying does not actually make the food greasy if it is done properly. What happens is the water in the food repels the oil. However, the hot oil also boils the water within the food, and steams the food from the inside out. As long as the oil is hot enough and the food is not immersed in the oil for too long, no oil will enter the food itself. If the food stays in the oil too long, the water will steam out and the oil will penetrate the food. If the oil is too cool, the food won't be done before this happens.

accroul, Mar 25, 12:14am
It's a pity you're notnear me. My husband uses waste oil to fuel his furnace.

st_allie, Mar 25, 12:15am
hehehehe. . I want to make fries now. .

meltingmoment, Mar 25, 12:47am
God just cleaned it, what a horrible job. Feel sticky. How do you cut through the grease? I cleaned the parts that were removable in hot soapy water, but what about the inside and outside. Tried hot soapy water on outside, then spray and wipe, what else would be good to cut through grease?

mike844, Mar 25, 12:49am
I pour mine inthe compost drum

theanimal1, Mar 25, 1:07am
I'm from parenting lol and i deep fry lmao, we use the oil from ours for other cooking too, ie roasting and pan frying, as low income = make most of what oil we have lol, i use to just freeze my old stuff with my food scraps, and put in rubbish bag morning of collection to reduce the mess animals make, now
we have a wheelie bin plus chooks and ducks so food scraps get cooked and fed to them lol

edit for spelling.

meltingmoment, Mar 25, 2:42am
haha, thanks animal, yeh, get ya head bitten off over there if you say you do something they perceive as incorrect, like cooking in fat, or OMG, just imagine if I said I use butter and that I hate margarine! LOL

snuff4, Mar 26, 4:27am
Ummmm I use my waste oil from the fryer as a natural weed killer on the edge of my garden, Suprise suprise works like a charm :)

roken, Mar 26, 4:48am
My hubby pours it on our fence posts. says it protects them. As there is onkly the 2 of us I can cook how I like.

pennyo, Mar 26, 4:50am
LOL! That SOOOO does not surprise me!

twinsforus, Mar 26, 7:51am
I'm from parenting too... well I'm a floater really... . . and I LOVE my deep fryer! ! And I feed my 3 young children food cooked in the deep fryer too! ! ! Oh the horror! !
Anyway... . I always keep the oil bottle, then put the old oil back into it and put it in a rubbish bag (as much as it pains me! ! )
Do you have a dishwasher? ? All the fryer bits should be able to go in it. Or soak over night in hot water with about a cup of napisan (works well on oven trays/racks too! ! )

cazey, Mar 26, 9:15am
Selleys sugar soap cuts through the grease. Just fill the sink up with hot water and put in sugar soap. Rinse well, cleans our deep fryer a treat

deus701, Mar 26, 12:30pm
lol whats with ppl in parenting haha

mrscairnsy, Dec 7, 9:04pm
lol! you poor thing, some people can be so judgmental! each to their own I say :) haven't been on Parenting & I don't think I want too!

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