Fudge that wont set, what can i do!

nanberrie, Oct 1, 1:45am
We made fudge this morning that didnt set, so we tried re-cooking it, but it still hasnt set, any ideas what else we coiuld do with it!we are having guests for drinks and nibbles and the fudge was to accompany finger food dessert.

indy95, Oct 1, 3:11am
The last time I made fudge which didn't want to set I broke up a cake of chocolate and added it to the mixture - problem solved. Of course you need to have a spare cake of chocolate on hand for this.

raewyn64, Oct 1, 6:43am
I have had that problem and so roll it into balls and dunk into melted chocolate (per post number 2).It worked well and make a fudgy chocolate which was yummy.

r.g.nixon, Oct 1, 6:58am
Pour it over ice cream!

dilligaf_dah, Oct 2, 5:09am
re heat for longer (I usually boil for 13 min and then beat for 5 - 8 minutes. )
so just try reboiling again

sharrs, Oct 2, 5:24am
You could crush up some super wine biscuits (or a plain biscuit of your choice) and add enough to thicken it up.

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