Chocolate Fountain advice needed please

fullyfoot16, Sep 29, 2:38am
I have a chocolate fountain, and used it for the first time the other night. I followed the instructions, melted the chocolate, put it in the base of the fountain, but it didn't flow too well. Has anyone used one of these before and can you give me any hints. I wondered if I could mix a little cream into the melted chocolate, to thin it out a bit! All ideas welcomed!

waswoods, Sep 29, 6:48am
A little oil will work better. The better quality chocolate, the better it will flow. Otherwise use a bit of oil. Add a bit, see what it looks like and keeping adding until you get the consistency you want

gardie, Sep 29, 7:02am
The recipe for mine has a substantial amount of oil in it.When I try to put less, it just doesn't work as it should.I only have a cheap machine from K Mart and its not as good as the $100 job.In fact, I'm not likely to use it again.Have seen the good ones working really well but again, I know they have a fair bit of oil in with the chocolate.

fullyfoot16, Sep 29, 7:55pm
Thanks for the advice . I'll give it a try!

murdoc4, Sep 29, 10:27pm
Definately add cream!I used mine the other night for 70 people dipping their cream puffs into!I bring cream to near boiling point, remove from heat and add lots of yummy choc and whisk till smooth.I start up the fountain and pour into the base and wait for that lovely chocolate river to start flow!I used about 1L cream and approx 4 200g bars of cadbury choc and 1 pkt of choc buttons (as it was an adult party I also added 1/2 C bailys to the chocolate sauce.hmmmm!

mickey_h, Sep 30, 2:34am
i was told 1kg good brand choc melts and 3/4 cup conola oil :) am getting 1 for my sons 5th bday next weekend! EXCITED :P

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