Would a cake stick if it wasn't cooled in pan long

chez1, Sep 23, 4:09am
I just tried to make the cake for my daughters first birthday party tomorrow and the middle of the cake stuck to the tin, its a number one shape and too bad to be put together with icing, I'm not sure why this happened but need to try again, is it cause maybe I didnt let it cool in the tin long enough, i'm so gutted. Felt like crying :-( Gotta try again but cant afford to watse another doubled cake mixuture.


chez1, Sep 23, 4:12am
Just tried to turn it over and leave the under side mucked up but cant cause its a number one round the wrong way now :-(

rainrain1, Sep 23, 4:21am
chez1you need to grease and flour the tin, then line the bottom with baking paper or buttered greaseproof paper.Lay your tin on the paper and cut out the No1 shape first, cutting to fit neatly inside if necessary.Run a knife around between the cake and the tin before you turn it out.leave it to cool first

buzzy110, Sep 23, 4:21am
Can you try lining the bottom of the tin with baking paper next time! I would, just to be sure. Put the tin onto the paper and draw a pencil outline around it. Cut the paper along the outline. I always use a fine wooden skewer to run around the sides of the pan as well. This ensures the cake is away from the sides when you tip it out.

Put your cake rake on top of the cake tin and turn the whole cake and rack over. Don't try and turn the cake tin over onto the rack.

I'm not sure about leaving it in till it is cool. I cannot remember what I used to do, but I am sure I always took it out of the tin to cool, rather than leaving it in the hot tin to continue cooking, but I have seen advice on here to the contrary.

lx4000, Sep 23, 4:23am
save the 1st one for puddings!

Yip let it cool in tin for 10 or so mins.

Do 1 of these to the tin before you put mix in.

1) butter/marg bottom of cake tin.
Put flour in and bang around to coat totally.
tip upside down and bang excess flour out.

2) line with baking paper

chez1, Sep 23, 4:25am
Thanks all, I might try cut it, I just know if I dont fix this I will never live it down :-)
Will try that first otherwise bake it again, thanks for the pics too x

buzzy110, Sep 23, 4:26am
I've just seen your second thread. cooksessential gave this piece of sterling advice to another poster who didn't have any baking paper.

A summary of what cooksessential said:

Grease the whole tin with butter or margarine. Put in some flour and move the tin a round and by tapping, ensure that the butter is coated with the flour - or something very similar.

The poster was thrilled with the result as her cake slipped out very easily.

All the credit needs to go to cooksessential for her thoughtful advice. I am only repeating it.

gardie, Sep 23, 4:49am
Some recipes need to be left in the tin for a little while.I find the very easy chocolate cake from this thread will not come out in one peice until it has been cooled in the tine for about 20 mins.When we had our coffee shop, we left everything to cool in tins.Now I use baking paper wherever possible.

shyly, Sep 23, 6:06am
Back when we did Home Ec the first thing we we're taught when baking cakes was to Butter and Flour the baking tin.I'm talking 1995.so not back in the middle ages.its a shame its been replaced by the all mighty "baking paper" which isnt always in the pantry.

rainrain1, Sep 23, 6:23am
and ain't that the truth, you still need to put a piece of baking paper in the bottom though

elliehen, Sep 23, 6:32am
I have found that instead of using a mould, it's often easier to make a cake and then cut out the number using a paper pattern.especially easy for Number 1.

splitty, Sep 27, 12:30am
How did you go! Pics please

tw1nkle, Sep 28, 2:58am
I line the base of the tin with baking paper, and spray the sides with baking spray. After if comes out of the oven I leave them on a cooling rack for around 10-15 mins then tip out. If you try to turn them out any sooner they stick, and strangely if left any longer they will stick ;)

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