Lemonade lacks fizz

fantail2, Sep 17, 1:09pm
Any tips, used epsom salts and Citric acid but no sparkle!.!

jills3, Sep 17, 9:38pm
Whatabout Enos or Andrews salts,but you have to drink fast or again the fizz disappears.

willemakeit, Sep 18, 2:37am
use a soda machine.

antoniab, Sep 18, 9:32am
You will have to add it to soda water to get fizz. Epsom salts is added as a preservative and the citric acid is just used to counteract all the sugar. Im not a fan of fizz so tastes better without imo lol

barbiedoll, Sep 19, 2:02am
What about a sultana in the top. When I used to make gingerbeer I had to put a sultana in it.

uli, Sep 20, 6:27am
Add yeast - either brewers yeast, wine yeast or simply a few (untreated) raisins.

Steer clear of the majority of sultanas and raisins (from your supermarket) which are nowadays treated with mineral oil (!) so they do not stick together and are nice and shiny. Get some organic ones instead.

bev00, Sep 20, 11:36am
This recipe fizzes-
6 lemons
3 lbs sugar
4 Gals water/16 ltrs
2 Tablespoons Cream of tartar

peel lemons thinly and add with the juice to the 4 Gallons of water and bring to the boil .Take of heat and add cream of tartar leave to stand for two days then bottle into clean sterilised soft drink bottles with screw caps then put in a cool dark place for a weekor more.

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