Cooking oil Anyone!

pickles7, Sep 14, 12:19am

lx4000, Sep 14, 12:26am
bloody hell! sorry for the language, BUT !

Far Out !

Thats just not on. They should be made to drink a litre of it a day for say . . . .3 months and see how they hold their own health!

nfh1, Sep 14, 12:27am

kuaka, Sep 14, 12:39am
Yuk - I feel quite sick!

pickles7, Sep 14, 4:01am
The really bad side of this is, the manufacturers are likely to buy this oil as it would be a cheaper option, than pure cooking oil. A person was asking about oil on here last week. it is scary, all right.

buzzy110, Sep 14, 5:10am
Why scoop it out of drains! It would be easier to just offer to take used oil off the restaurants directly. These must be dumb criminals! I bet the ones who are doing as I suggest are not getting caught.

And for what it is worth, who in the world tips used oil down their sink anyway!I certainly don't do it at home and I produce waste oil and fat in miniscule amounts.

pickles7, Sep 14, 5:25am
yes it would.buzzy110.I may look into washing the next lot of oil, I intend to throw out. I have washed fat, it is time consuming.

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