Meat patties

00743, Sep 13, 5:03am
how to stop meat patties from sticking when cooking.

imrae1, Sep 13, 5:05am
Spray a baking dish and cook in the oven

00743, Sep 13, 5:10am
how long do i bake them for !

fisher, Sep 13, 7:05am
meat patties need to be placed and left alone on the hot plate or frypan.
no pressing, turning etc etc.
They will form a "browned crust" which will then allow them to be turned over easily.

darlingmole, Sep 13, 9:45am
yes and do not be tempted to press them down (squash them) because this lets all the meat juices out

suie1, Sep 13, 9:58am
You could use baking paper & bake them.

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