Chicken tonight for tea help please

hustleking, Mar 23, 6:40am
ok so i know its so simple im using the creamy mushroom chicken tonight in a jar and putting it on pasta BUT last time i made this the chicken didnt really hav much taste and well the whole meal was quite bland, did i do something wrong? dot wanna screw it up again?

hustleking, Mar 23, 6:56am

245sam, Mar 23, 7:07am
hustleking, I'm assuming that you followed the instructions as on the label on the jar? In that case I don't think you actually did anything wrong - it's a few years since I tasted that Chicken Tonight but from what I can recall it was fairly bland.

Other than the chicken, sauce and pasta what else are you serving? - salad? vegetables? If you have them I suggest that you might like to liven the meal up by making some additions to the saucee. g. onion, garlic, mushrooms, fresh herbs... . .

Hope that helps. :-))

splitty, Nov 28, 2:48am
If you use breast meat it doesn't have as much taste as thigh meat, maybe try that. I use the golden honey mustard one and it has a good taste, but I also add extra veges like 245sam said, onion, garlic, courgettes, capsicum, broccoli, mushrooms and sometimes some spinach or silverbeet - we like veges in our house. There is never any left when I serve it that way. Hope this helps for next time

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