Cooking chocolate

coombs22, Sep 11, 12:41am
i have some dark cooking chocolate, would it be suitable to drizzle over cold biscuits. if so how will i melt it, there is no instructions on packet. thanking all replys.

lx4000, Sep 11, 12:45am
boil water in a pot wiwhich a bowl can sit in. Make sure water does not touch the bottom of the bowl. Once boiling, lower temp. Place choco in bowl and stir till melted. Drizzle over using a fork :)

guardy, Sep 11, 3:38am
I always melt choc in the microwave.In a glass bowl and at 50% power.Put it on for about 1 min.Give it a stir when it still looks like the choc is in pieces and it will melt when u stir it.Another 30 sec if not melting and keep going in 30 sec intervals until melted.

chicco2, Sep 11, 4:22am
guardy has the right idea. Just do it a little burst at a time. Never had a failure yet. (Touch wood).

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