Made rich coconut cake, forgot the sugar....mmm

hhb, Jan 31, 3:07am
This morning I made a new recipe rich 300grms butters, 4 eggs, coconut cream etc cake, and because I was busy with my 3 yr old making her fairy cakes, only put half the required sugar in mine. . so tastes like a cross between bread and cake, not the rich cake that it should be, how can I introduce more sugar? just make syrup and make holes with fork and pour over or leave to stand in syrup mixture maybe to soak up/will it? Too many expensive ingredients to bin... Thanks anyone.

ruby19, Jan 31, 3:20am
That would have been my thought, is the syrup added. Not that I have ever tried doing this to correct a mixture

hhb, Jul 20, 11:51am
No no syrup added, just shld of been the right amount of sugar! guess this is the only way! to pour over.

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