biscuite fudge

caro25, Mar 23, 5:09am
has anybody frozen this un iced is it ok when it come out and defrosts or do i make it a bit dryer to allow for moisture

245sam, Mar 23, 5:16am
caro25, I have very successfully frozen, for about 3 months, various uniced biscuit fudges but not the chocolate one that is usually iced which I rarely make as we prefer other options such as apricot fudge, caramel ginger slice, chocolate salami, lolly cake... . . I make all the fudge slices as per the recipe with no more or less added moisture and provided the fudge is frozen in a well-sealed container it is just as good after being frozen as if not frozen at all. :-))

caro25, Mar 23, 5:46am
many thanks um i havent got that many container lol so would it be ok to wrap them in glad wrap dont get a shock but i have to make 44 slices lol

caro25, Mar 23, 5:49am
oh and if you wouldnt mind could you post caramel ginger slicethat sound devine and choc salami hmm not shore about that one lol

245sam, Mar 23, 6:21am
caro25, how long do you plan on freezing the fudge slice(s) for? IMO baking is best stored in a container rather than being plastic wrapped – icecream containers make ideal freezer storage containers for baking as do well-washed Chinese takeaway containers so long as they’re not tainted with onion, etc.

Both of the recipes that you’d like can be found here on this Trademe MB…. .

The Caramel Ginger Slice or Truffles at:- asp
x? id=105000

and the Chocolate Salami at:- asp
x? id=71804

Because most fudge slices are quite sweet IMO they should be cut into smallish pieces or fingers. I use a 19cm (7½”) square tin and cut the slice into fingers that are 2cm (¾”) x 6. 25cm (2½”) so that each recipe makes 27 pieces + trimmings for the cook and/or helpers, so 44 pieces is not even two batches.

Hope that heIps.

caro25, Mar 23, 6:31am
lol no its 44 batches lol and mabey a weekfor freezing

245sam, Nov 26, 8:47pm
oops, sorry I took the 44 to be pieces and I see now that you did actually say "slices" - WOW! ! ! that's a lot of fudge slices! ! ! ! ! I guess there must be a party or something being prepared for so I hope it all goes well for you.

Re the chocolate salami - IMO it is best if sliced very thinly whilst still fairly well-chilled and firmish i. e. softened only enough to allow for easy slicing and then because I find that it softens very quickly once sliced, I also think it is best if kept in the refrigerator until as close to serving time as possible. :-))

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