chocolate crackles ? i think - recipe

mommabean, Mar 23, 3:54am
can anyone tell me how to make those little rice bubble crackly things in a cupcake paper

245sam, Mar 23, 4:01am
There's a couple of options mommabean - melted chocolate + rice bubbles/ricies or as the recipe at:- asp
x? id=8961

mommabean, Mar 23, 4:04am
dang was kinda hoping for something that called for cocoa and rice bubbles got those - wo would chocolate substitute for kremalta? ? ?

245sam, Mar 23, 4:09am
mommabean, when I was needing to make those little chocolate treats I always used Kremelta but that was a long time ago and I have no need nowdays to make them however I have read on many occasions, here on this MB, that others have successfully used chocolate instead of the Kremelta, icing sugar and cocoa. :-))

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