Dinner menu for Mums birthday

cool_sta, Sep 6, 4:07am
I am making my mum dinner for her birthday and have : Garlic and lemon butter prawns as a teaser. then Chilli, tomato and mussel soupy stuff with crusty bread as a entree, Eye fillet as a main and cheesecake for desert. i need some ideas for a non seafood teaser and entree as there are people going who dont like seafood. google isnt very helpful. any tried and true ideas would be greatly appreciated. TIA!

countrygirl17, Sep 6, 4:48am
Perhaps: Melon cubes or balls with mint and ginger; or tomato juice cocktail (with a little fine-chopped spring onion & lemon juice) as an appetiser.
Pate and thin toast as an entree.
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cool_sta, Sep 6, 4:53am
Thanks Countrygirl :) picky eaters make for difficult planning. didnt even think of melon balls.

motorbo, Sep 6, 7:35am
do the same soup for them but without seafood, could have chunks of fresh tomatoe in instead, the teaser could be hummus and pita toasts with seasame seeds on, easy as to make but tasty and a crowd pleaser

cool_sta, Sep 6, 8:29am
i thought about doing the same soup but im making it quite spicy and garlicy and my grandma cant have either :( might lose the prawns as the teaser and have the hummus toast , then the prawns or chicken . then the beef. Thanks Motorbo! its a good thing its a month away. gonna change my mind everyday :)

motorbo, Sep 6, 8:36am
hmmm this is actually an annabel langbien recipe, i havent tried it with tinned toms, but its a seriously good soup

Fred’s tomatoe soup
Great hot or cold
1kg of ripe tomatoes
Large clove of garlic peeled and chopped
1 tbsp sugar
2 handfuls of basil
1 tsp salt and black pepper
1tbsp balsamic vinegar
100ml of fruit olive oil
Skin the tomatoes then blend everything for cold soup, I put everything in a pot and cooked for 40misn then blended it, I like the seeds in but up to you if you wanna sieve it – this is the nicest ive tried and so simple.

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