Crown pumpkin question

ladeda, Aug 30, 5:52am
Was about to cook a crown (grey) pumpkin for soup but Hubby insists it will still be green and needs to ripen further by sitting in a cool dry place until the stem falls off. I argue that if it has been picked, then it will be ripe.

It is a home grown pumpkin given as a trade for painting (Hubby's rates are getting cheaper and cheaper, LOL)

rainrain1, Aug 30, 6:32am
never heard of it now

harrislucinda, Aug 30, 6:57am
ifyou waituntil thestem fallsofitwillberotten,eatitnowasmostgreyswillbepickedbynow

margyr, Aug 30, 7:43am
is the stem still green and thick! if so then your husband is right, leave it some where till the stem shrivels and falls off, It should really be left on the vine till this happens.

mwood, Aug 30, 7:43am
I'm inclined to agree with your husband - if the stem is still obviously "fresh" then the pumpkin will benefit from resting for further maturity - older pumpkin makes a better tasting and textured soup.

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