Inexpensive flavoured milk

dabo, Aug 29, 9:36am
I wondered if anyone had any suggestions how to flavor large quantities of plain milk - say chocolate / strawberry so it tasted like primo or similar but not that price.Do you think adding strawberry essence and red food colour might work! Any other ideas!

auntlb, Aug 29, 9:56am
We use the "Quik" milk flavourings - they have strawberry, chocolate, caramel etc

korbo, Aug 29, 9:56am
you can buy milkshake liquid flavouring at the supermarkets.

medicina, Aug 29, 11:06am
Some milo and sugar dissolved in a tiny amount of hot water and biffed into the milk.Shake well. Voila: Chocolate milk.
For large amounts you'd probably want to use a cheap chocolate syrup.

ETA: essence and foodcolour won't be sweet enough to imitate Primo.

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