Recipe for gluten/dairy free truffles - does

shambles05, Aug 29, 3:50am
anyone have one!Thanks

carlos57, Aug 29, 4:03am
I've made this recipe using butter, but it might be all right with dairy-free spread. They're quite rich and yummy :) (Sorry about old fashioned measurements - got the recipe from my auntie!) Melt together 4 oz butter and 6 oz dark chocolate (I used Whittakers dark block). Stir in 1 cup icing sugar, 1/2 tsp essence of your choice, and then another cup of icing sugar. Roll into balls, coat with chocolate hail (or similar) and refrigerate.

buzzy110, Aug 29, 4:05am
How do you feel about truffles made using things like white cacao butter or chocolate cacao butter, 85% Lindt Chocolate, dessicated coconut and creamed coconut instead! I make them but I don't care about the expense.

shambles05, Aug 29, 4:25am
Thaks carlos.Might give it a try.
buzzy - at the risk of sounding silly, but what is what cacao or chocolate caca butter (have never heard of it)Is it actually cocoa!Also have never heard of creamed coconut (not very baking literate i'm afraid lol)

buzzy110, Aug 29, 4:43am
Chocolate is made from cacao butter or cocoa butter. It is the butter extracted from the cocoa bean. You will see it always on the ingredients list of top quality chocolates. Others use vegetable oil - read hydrogenated palm oil.

Creamed coconut is a new product. It is coconut flesh ground down to a paste. It is a totally organic product at present and comes with a layer of coconut oil on top that can be blended back in. It makes the perfect base for things like dairy free truffles.

I suggested the cacao butter as a substitute for actual butter.

Mostly it comes as a white block. It is solid and doesn't become soft like butter or runny, like coconut oil, in the heat and so is also ideal for truffles and similar goodies. You can also buy it with the cocoa powder added back in.

bedazzledjewels, Aug 29, 4:44am
I've got one using coconut milk, coconut oil and 70%+ dark chocolate.
Let me know if you want it.

shambles05, Aug 29, 6:29am
Thanks everyone.I look forward to trying some of these out :)

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