Help with jam please

lindy-loo1, Jan 31, 2:52am
I have never made jam before, but I am going to try. I don't have a special pan or anything, has anyone an easy recipe for a beginner?

davidt4, Jan 31, 2:56am
What fruit do you want to use?

hhb, Jan 31, 3:13am
I was new to jam making this season and had the most success with plum jam, easy starter one, I think. Used big stewing pan, sterilised my jam jars in Milton baby bottle sterilising liquid, and used plastic covers with rubber bands, worked great though did have to add juice of one lemon to get it to really set well. Recipe I used from Edmonds: 2kgs plums halbed and stoned, 1 1/2 cups water, 7 cups sugar: Put plums and water into a large pan, boil until soft & pulpy. Add sugar. Stiur until dissolved. Boil briskly for 15 minutes or until setting point is reached. Pourinto sterilised jars. Makes about 6 x 350ml jars. I put china saucer into fridge to chill and put jam on that to test if it was setting, (starts to get thicker and you just need to keep on checking it as I did) seemed to boil it for a lot longer too, like 30mins, maybe try a wee bit less water and it may set easier.

lindy-loo1, Jan 31, 3:25am
Thanks for that, I have been given some plums so may have a try with them. Would you cool the jam in the fridge or on the side?

harrislucinda, Jan 31, 3:32am
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kiwisapper, 6 days
The most difficult part I found was deciding when the jam had reached thesetting point. I use, as does hhb, the saucer test, but perhaps I can explain a little more. When the jam has reached setting point, a teaspoon of it placed on a chilled saucer, after 3 /4 minsshould set with a "skin" which when the saucer is tilted , will not break and the jam will not run. To bottle before that is pointless as the jam will not set. The juice of a lemon, which contains natural pectin, added to the jam when cooking will assist in reaching the setting point if it seems the jam is not going to set. After bottling, cool by putting aside, NOT in a fridge which will crack the bottles. And remember that 15 mins in a hot oven 180c is an easy way to sterilise the jam jars before bottling. Dont forget to sterilise the lids if re using pop top lids, (instead of cellophane) but not in the oven, they will frizzle. Use a sterilizing liquid.

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