Round wines, Milk coffee biscuits.

tarshlove, Aug 21, 10:37pm
That have started to go stale what can i do with them.
I have a fussy male, a 9 y.o boy and 6y.o girl to bake for
Any ideas! Or should I just throw them!

davidt4, Aug 21, 10:44pm
Feed the birds.They're hungry this time of year.

tarshlove, Aug 21, 11:00pm
Lol funny you say that I have just put the bird feeder up they are going nuts.
We have a big tui in the garden it chases every other bird away!

jag5, Aug 22, 1:31am
fudge cake.stale will make up fine

rozke, Aug 22, 1:38am
l use biscuit crumbs butter vanilla, and everything else l have in the pantry like dried fruitputin dish and set in fridge.

lx4000, Aug 22, 1:39am
look left and search "condensed milk" there are heaps of slices there that will use them up:)

or freezethem till you have everything you need to cook with them!

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