Plain Girl Guide Biscuits - Hamilton

bcnd, Mar 22, 8:12am
Just got a text from our Brownie Leader. Our district still has quite a few boxes of plain girl guide biscuits to sell. Does anyone still want any plain ones. Perhaps for your baking? Single packs $3 or boxes $45. Just leave your details on my auction and I will get some out to you.

zagon, Apr 2, 6:17am
Is there a place in Whakatane that sells Girl Guide Biscuits? ?

duckmoon, Apr 2, 7:44am
There have been problems with SOME of the packets of the plain.
You could encourage some one to purchase them and then discover they aren't baked correctly and ask for the refund! ! ?

willman, Apr 2, 8:05am
I bought ggb, from a mother and daughter, from Whakatane, they came selling at my door. So they are around.

juliewn, Apr 2, 10:57am
Zagon. . there's usually a phone book listing for the Guides here in Whakatane - they'd be able to help if they have any left - although from the recent newspaper articles, they had boxes of them stolen from their hall. Hope this helps. .

cqlt45, Apr 7, 12:12am
OMG - what has happened to our original Girl Guide Biscuits, I even ordered them this year as didn't see anyone selling them. What a dissappointment. I usually buy a box thank goodness I only brought 10 packets. (will only be using for baking now). They are burnt, rock hard, no taste. No more girl guides for me.

michelle313, Apr 7, 1:58am
If the biscuits are bad, please call the number on the pack. (0800 griffins I think) and they will help you get the refund. It's not the Girl Guides fault.

grandmasue1, Jan 9, 2:04am
I brought a mixed box and have found nothing wrong with them yet. I have tried each kind at least once.

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